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  Welcome to our Churches by the Sea

St. Barnabas Church, Blandford
All Saints Church, Bayswater
St. Cuthbert's Church, Northwest Cove

In the name of
God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Welcome to the Parish of Blandford Homepage!!!

We are a gentle, picturesque community located on the beautiful Aspotogan Peninsula, found between exits 6 and 7 off Highway 103, along the legendary South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. We consist of three churches, all located on Highway 329: St. Barnabas in Blandford, All Saints in Bayswater, and St. Cuthbert's in Northwest Cove. The two closest are only four kilometres apart, while the two furthest are only eleven kilometres apart! Why so close, you might ask?! The churches were built before the road was, and so people travelled by boat. You had to put the church at a spot where you could safely land.

So we have three churches, but only one Sunday service each week: always at 10:00 AM. We rotate equally from church to church. This way we only have to heat one building each week, and a church does not have to close. It also means that we have pulled together as one worshiping community, willing to help each other out. It has proven to be a real blessing for us, in many ways.

All baptized Christians are welcome to receive communion with us. We use the Book of Common Prayer for Morning Prayer, and we use the Book of Alternative Services for Holy Eucharist. We love visitors, and we have welcomed many worshippers from different denominations, to our shores.

Please feel free to join us. Your presence would enrich us greatly.